Does the momosphere reflect moms?

by Susan Getgood on November 17, 2008 · 7 comments

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In the comments here there and everywhere on the Motrin ad flap, a common theme was that the online moms — momosphere, Twitter moms, whatever — were NOT representative of moms in general.

Which of course got me thinking. How representative IS the momosphere? My gut tells me that it is highly influential and increasingly representative. And when it comes to extremely sensitive issues, like breastfeeding and babywearing, even more so.

But my gut instinct may not be enough for the average Fortune 500 company. While that’s a pity, I get it.

So, let’s prove it.¬† I know it is there. Please send me links to whatever hard data you have about moms and the blogosphere. I’ll pull it all together in a follow-up post. I’ve got bits and pieces, but that’s not enough.

What we really need is a data. And a market research firm willing to support the question. Any takers?


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