Speaking Testimonials

Elisa Camahort Page
Co-founder, COO & Conference Lead
BlogHer Inc.

BlogHer has a goal to feature 80% new speakers every single year at our conferences. That being the case, it’s actually quite rare for speakers to repeat. Nonetheless, Susan has spoken at numerous BlogHer events. Why is she the exception to our rule? Because, across a diversity of topics, Susan is one of the most well-prepared, well-spoken and well-received speakers we’ve ever worked with. She is a consummate professional, and absolutely the kind of go-to resource you can always rely on. In a world of ‘social media gurus,’ Susan is a bona fide expert.

Laura Tomasetti
Managing Director
360 Public Relations

Susan Getgood has brought the real blogging world inside agency walls, giving our staff a candid, insider view of what bloggers are looking for and how to build long-term relationships with bloggers. Her sessions have gone well beyond the 101, spurring our account teams to be more creative and effective in the campaigns they develop on behalf of brands in various sectors. Susan also has a sharp eye on metrics and has evoked in our staff a deeper understanding of how bloggers measure their success and the growing measurement tool set available on other social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Marilyn Saulnier
attended keynote presentation at NorthEast Contact Center Forum, March 2010

Susan is clearly an expert on social media and its revolutionary impact on how businesses interact with their customers. Her insight on how to effectively implement a social media program is invaluable and insightful. Her speaking style combines humor, passion and expertise into a great experience for her audience!

Tom Asher
Director, Consumer Relations North America
Levi Strauss & Co.

Susan is an expert moderator. She took a very active hand in planning the content for our panel in advance, defining a clear agenda, putting panelists at ease and remaining flexible throughout. She set us all up for success and ensured that we really delivered on our audience’s expectations.

Leah Jones
Natiiv Arts & Media

I’ve always held Susan Getgood in high regard as one of the best in the field and was thrilled to have her speak to an Advanced Social Media for Rabbis webinar. All of the webinar members are using tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogs in their congregation, but after an hour with Susan all agreed she armed them with the data and arguments to convince even the most stubborn board member that online communications makes sense. Susan has a variety of case studies at her fingertips, a presentation style that is accessible and an ability to reach anyone from beginner to an expert in the field.