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by Susan Getgood on June 1, 2010 · 8 comments

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As you know, for the past six months, I’ve been writing Professional Blogging For Dummies (affiliate link). Due out at the end of July, the book has been a big part of my life for the last year. Over the weekend, I noticed that Amazon had added the cover art to the pre-order listing, so I created an affiliate badge. It’s  over there –>  in the far right sidebar :-)

Throughout the book, I use real examples to illustrate the points. Some interviews became case studies, other information was used as background, but everyone’s contribution was important. Even though I recognize everyone in the acknowledgements, I wanted to do it here as well.

Thank you,

Rita Arens, Surrender Dorothy,

Joanne Bamberger, Pundit Mom,

Carla Birnberg, MizFitOnline,

Janice Bissex and Liz Weiss, Meal Makeover Moms,

Beth Blecherman, Tech Mamas,

Ciaran Blumenfeld, Momfluential,

Kristin Brandt, Manic Mommies,

Stefania Pomponi Butler, CityMama,

Megan Capone, A Girl Must Shop,

Sarah Caron, Sarah’s Cucina Bella,

Kristen Chase, Motherhood Uncensored,

Marie Cloutier, Boston Bibliophile,

Kimberly Coleman, Mom in the City,

Allison Czarnecki, Petit Elefant,

Kevin Dugan, Bad Pitch Blog,

Danielle Friedland,

Tracey Gaughran-Perez, MamaPop,

Jodi Grundig, Mom’s Favorite Stuff,

Jaden Hair, Steamy Kitchen,

Edward Hasbrouck, The Practical Nomad,

Chris Hogan, Off the Cuff,

Megan Jordan, Velveteen Mind,

Mir Kamin, Want Not,

Matt Kepnes, Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site,

Christine Koh, Boston Mamas,

Preston Koerner, Jetson Green,

Debbie Lawrence, Lagniappe Marketing,

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Sustainablog,

Jill Notkin, The Daily Grind of the Work at Home Mom,

Sherry & John Petersik, Young House Love,

Florinda Pendley Vasquez, The 3 R’s Blog,

Kyran Pitman, Notes To Self,

Devra Renner, Parentopia,

Deb Roby, A Stitch In Time,

In addition, a  number of professional colleagues  were gracious enough to share their expertise on specific topics.

Thank you,

Liza Barry-Kessler, Privacy Counsel LLC, and Liza Was Here, (Chapter 3)

Chris Baskind, (Chapter 9)

Toby Bloomberg, Diva Marketing, (Chapter 12)

Todd Defren, SHIFT Public Relations and blog PR Squared, (Chapter 12)

Yvonne DiVita, Windsor Media Books, and Lip-sticking, (Chapters 5 & 7)

Liz Gumbinner, Cool Mom Picks, and Mom-101, (Chapter 6)

David Herrington, Active Oak LLC, (Chapters 4 , 5 & 8 )

Kami Watson Huyse, Communication Overtones, and Zoetica, (Chapter 12)

Jaelithe Judy, (Chapter 11)

Kim Kramer, Berluti & McLaughlin, (Chapter 3)

Julie Marsh, Cool Mom Picks, (Chapter 6)

Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer, (Chapter 6)

Ike Pigott, Occam’s Razr, (Chapter 12)

Jim Prather, YouData, (Chapter 6)

Laura Tomasetti, 360 Public Relations, (Chapter 12)

David Wescott, APCO Worldwide and blog It’s Not a Lecture, (Chapter 12)

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