The true measure of video success: fans, not eyeballs

September 6, 2017

“Eyeballs” don’t fall in love with your program. People do. This week, an interesting piece on Digiday, The ‘demonetized’: YouTube’s brand-safety crackdown has collateral damage, reported, among other things, that the tools used by YouTube to identify and demonetize unsafe content were often inconsistently or inaccurately applied, causing sharp declines in revenues for many creators, […]

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A Marketing Lesson from Game of Thrones

August 30, 2017

The most important lesson of Game of Thrones this year? No, not that incest is okay if you have buns of steel, although for the record, IMO the Jon/Dany incest angle is far less interesting than the power dynamics their blood relationship causes. The real lesson is what Ed Martin discusses in his piece “Game […]

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The Sharp Left Turn

August 24, 2017

Recently, a Facebook friend shared an anecdote about the sharp left turn — that moment when God corrects your course, sharply, to get it pointed in the right direction. This idea of the sharp left turn, with or without God in the mix, seems a much better metaphor for those moments in life that not […]

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Influencer Marketing and Instagram: The peril of quantity over quality – MediaKix’s fake Instagram project

August 15, 2017

Earlier this month, influencer marketing company MediaKix released How Anyone Can Get Paid To Be An Instagram Influencer With $300 (or Less) Overnight, a project it undertook to prove whether was possible to game the system of influencer engagement on Instagram. In short, how easy is it to create fake Instagram profiles, purchase followers and […]

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ROI and Influencer Marketing

August 10, 2017

Continuing my series about the trends in influencer marketing: The rise of ROI. In the early days, when blogs and social were new and shiny, return on investment was “squishy.” As influencer marketing matures, so too do the expectations, and the measurement models. Measurement models are shifting from soft “potential reach” to firmer engagement models, and a better […]

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Could “fake news” harm your brand?

August 1, 2017

Could “fake news” harm your brand? Some advertisers seem to think so — including P&G which recently cut $140MM in digital ad spend due to brand safety concerns. But how widespread is the concern? Do marketers in general understand the potential damage to their brand if their ads are adjacent to dubiously sourced or out […]

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