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Fifteen Minutes

On April 9, 2010, I was interviewed by Ann Curry on the TODAY show as part of a segment on negativity in the blogosphere. Subsequently, the local weekly paper ran a front page story about my appearance. Must have been a slow news week 🙂

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Email me at sgetgood@getgood.com My user name just about everywhere is sgetgood. Other than here or my personal blogs, you’re most likely to find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. My Pinterest account is all but abandoned.

About Marketing Roadmaps

“MARKETING ROADMAPS” is for anyone who likes to think about marketing and social media in the context of RESULTS, not just the abstract. Our travels take us to public relations, marketing, blogging, sales strategy and customer care, and back again, with occasional stops for children and dogs.


Marketing, Internet marketing, PR, Scottish Terriers, Travel, Cooking, Skiing, Snowshoeing, Hiking. Lifelong science fiction/fantasy fan — from Star Trek, Foundation and LOTR to Robert Jordan and Guy Gavriel Key.